How much will you pay for a bottomless cup of coffee

Often we don’t think about coffee refills, as most diners will try to keep your cup full. For most restaurants, refills are free. As such, it is not uncommon for people to have a few cups of coffee. If someone is bringing you coffee, it is easier to keep the cup full than if one has to get up and walk to a coffee station. (And for most people, no one wants to refill the almost empty pot!) So, you make a decision concerning how much effort do you want to spend to get that next cup of coffee? But some people will go to the extreme! Especially if one tries to drink 60 Cups of Coffee!

This raised the question, economics utilizes the concept of utility. One of the concepts is that there is a decline regarding new happiness for each unit consumed. For example, drinking one cup of coffee may be existing, but when you get to the fifth cup, the perception of the utility (enjoyment) of drinking the coffee may decline, even if the quality of the coffee remained unchanged. So, really, did the person really feel better after drinking the 60th cup of coffee? I don’t know, but I think Frank and Earnest would agree.